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Beverley Bostock-Cox
The combination of diabetes, heart failure and COPD is not uncommon in general practice but which comes first, what is the link and what can we do to optimise care for patients presenting with all three? In this session Bev will use a case study based approach to illustrate the latest evidence related to multi morbidity.

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Chest pain
Dr Clare Hawley

1 in 20 people with stable angina suffer disabling symptoms despite optimal medical therapy and revascularisation procedures. Management can be challenging as the patients and their families live in fear of their condition and become frequent attenders in primary and secondary care and are subject to numerous tests, medications and interventions. In this case study we consider how the Angina Management Programme was used to help such a gentleman learn more about his condition, challenge his misconceptions and use relaxation strategies to control his symptoms.

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Peripheral arterial disease – case study
Dr Chris Arden

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects a significant number of individuals over the age of 60, but is often underdiagnosed and sub optimally treated. Symptoms associated with PAD have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life and independence. Primary care practitioners are well placed to help identify and manage PAD in its early stages and help to reduce poor outcomes associated with this disease. This case study will illustrate the challenges of diagnosing PAD in a community setting, together with outlining potential management options, including the benefits of medical and interventional approaches.

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