Keynote: Balloon debate: Health and the internet – changing boundaries in primary care?

Benefits vs. implications

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Come along and listen to the lively debate about the benefits or implications of using the internet in Primary Care.

Examples of the case FOR:

We and our patients live in an ‘always connected’ age. They can shop and bank 24 hours a day, and they expect similar access to healthcare. At the same time, consultation rates continue to rise – up from 3.9 in 1995 to over 6.2 today – and we have a workforce crisis in primary care.

By using the power of technology, we can improve patient access without increasing our own workload further. Directing patients to appropriate online education; using online triage to direct patients safely to more appropriate sources of help; accessing real-time patient results; and online consultations can all help target scarce healthcare resources more effectively.

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Examples of the case AGAINST:

If knowledge is power, misinformation is disempowering
Medicine and nursing is an art, not just a science
Information technology doesn’t care
Internet reliability isn’t a face to face consultation

Come along and vote for your champion.

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