Keynote & Balloon Debate – Digital medicine: The new partner for practice?

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Keynote: Ann Gregory (FOR)

90% of NHS jobs will require some element of digital skill over the next 20 years, and one of the greatest challenges will be how we shift our way of working to embrace the scale of this change.

This presentation and discussion will focus on the opportunities and implications of digital technology, as we strive to improve the health of large numbers of complex patients whilst continuing to care for all users of the NHS.

To achieve this ambition will involve substantial investment in training and technology, but perhaps most vital of all, will be those at the heart of this change, the patient.

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Raj Thakkar:

Improved access for hard to reach patients who are capable of using technology.
Connecting patients to form a peer group.
Improved efficiency through automation and AI.



Professor Mike Kirby:

“Patient-doctor/nurse relationship demands a physician or nurse- not a substitute or surrogate”.

Yes, digital medicine has a place, but not at the expense of experienced well trained and caring health care professionals.
Patients will always need physicians and nurses to be a source of professional expertise and empathy – perhaps even more so as sources of dubious online health content are called into question.

“We have to maintain and fight for our position as serious information brokers to our patients.”


Michaela Nuttall:

Press 1 for leg, press 2 for arm, press 3 for head.… press 23 for toe, press 24 for eye…

Please listen for the next set of options.

Press 1 for pain, press 2 for itching, press 3 for burns…. Press 32 for not sure but it smells a bit off.

Please listen for the next set of options.

Press 1 for it started 10 mins ago, press 2 for it started between 10min and 2 hours ago, press 3 for it started between 2-6 hours ago…. Press 137 for it’s been on and off for about 6 months, got really bad in the sunshine, seemed to have calmed down but then got really bad about 2 days ago.

Computer says no.

Is this really what we want for our patients and ourselves?

There is so much more to a consultation than ‘leg, a bit smelly, started 2-6 hours ago’……




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