Issues & Answers in… Lifestyle modification

Review current evidence, practical advice, case study & discussion

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Mediterranean diet, moderate alcohol intake, physical activity and not smoking are associated with lower all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer in our patients. The combined effects of all four low risk diet and lifestyle factors significantly lower all-cause mortality rate (HR 0.4; 95%CI 0.3 to 0.5).

In summary the Mediterranean diet and healthy lifestyle, which involves moderate alcohol intake, physical activity and no smoking, is associated with a lower risk of death, so why don’t we all do it??

We shall review the evidence!

We also all know that endorphins make you feel good and that’s what this session is about. If we give too much away it will spoil it but please come and raise the endorphin levels for you personally and the conference as a whole. 

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