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15 minute cases with 5 minutes Q&A


Joanne Reeve: Mental Health

40% of GP appointments are about mental health issues (Mind, 2018). In this session, I will consider how we can unleash the most powerful resource we have in our consulting room: namely, the creative capacity of our patients. Drawing on 18 years of clinical practice and research in this area, I will aim to offer you some practical tools to help do just that. We will consider what an expert generalist mental health consultation looks like; describe the use of the flipped consultation; and consider how to involve wider teams in delivery of this approach.

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Dr Rob Howlett: Migraine

In the presentation we will discuss how you diagnose Migraine and what causes it.
There is a suggested link between migraine and CVD, how real is this link?
What is the evidence?
Does it matter?
What should we tell our patients with migraine?
What can do to ameliorate the risk?

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Dr Kathryn Griffith: CKD

This is your last chance to be involved in an interactive session with the retired RCGP Clinical Champion for Kidney Care.

You are on duty to check the blood results of your colleague who is on extended leave with stress. How do you deal with kidney function tests without becoming too stressed yourself? Which patients can you be relaxed about, who do you need to telephone, and which need admission? Come along and take part.

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Dr Yassir Javaid: Heart Failure

Finessing the outcomes in heart failure. The role of ECG in identifying patients for device therapy.

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