Nurse Education Network (NEN) Meeting

1. Lifestyle 2. Resilience: It’s all about you

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Targeting obesity and not the obese person – dispelling the myths – Karen Davies 

Isn’t eating less and moving more the answer? Yet if it were that simple why is 63 % of the adult population in England classed as obese or overweight. This presentation will outline some of the confusion in the public domain and conflicting evidence regarding healthy eating. Karen will provide background to current thinking regarding obesity and identify how technology has the potential to both help and hinder. Has the NEN #Adenough of the situation? Nurses have the power to influence the political agenda.

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Resilience: It’s all about you – Christine Mclean

Resilience is a buzz word at the moment, personal resilience, community resilience, business resilience, but what does it really mean for busy people doing demanding jobs day in, day out?

In this short session we will start to explore what resilience means for you personally, give you a few hints and tips for improving how resilient you feel, and most importantly, giving you time to remember…it’s all about YOU!

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