Real life issues & answers: The Cardiovascular rehabilitation patient


In association with BACPR


Cardiac Rehabilitation is a Cinderella service within Cardiology, underfunded, understaffed and generally ignored. However, despite the image problem and the service struggles, there are compelling amounts of data to prove that it is the single most important and cost-effective intervention that we should give to our patients.


A whistle-stop tour of why Cardiac rehabilitation should be the first thought rather than the last. This will involve patient-centred case studies and a review of the current evidence as well as the evidence for specific changes that will address the overall metabolic health of patients.


To enlighten and educate more cardiovascular practitioners on the need to escape the paradigm of stents, ablations and pills and to focus on what changes in diet, lifestyle and activity can do for cardiovascular conditions and why we must now focus on this to save our NHS.

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