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Dr Chris Arden 

Palpitations are a common presenting symptom in primary care. A logical and pragmatic approach to assessing patients with palpitations, including the use of appropriate investigations, is important in ensuring that those with significant abnormalities, who require treatment or intervention are identified, whilst the remainder can often be reassured. This presentation will use a case study to illustrate these points.

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Dr Rosie Heath

Chest pain is an alarming symptom for patients and a concerning symptom for clinicians. This case of cardiological Cleudo explores the extreme importance of making a correct diagnosis. The best way to achieve this is to take a thorough history and not to take anything for granted!

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Beverley Bostock-Cox

Breathlessness is a non-specific symptom which can have a multitude of causes, not all of which are pathological.  In this short case study, Beverley presents the case of the young man with what appears to be a straightforward case of poor control but which takes an unexpected turn…

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Dr Clare Hawley

People with cardiovascular disease are living longer due to more effective treatments and risk factor modification. Unfortunately, many go on to develop dementia. Patients with heart disease and dementia present healthcare professionals with additional challenges which are discussed in this case presentation.

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