Inaugural Broadcasts 2021

This series is for healthcare professionals only.

Long Covid: The way ahead

Session 1

16th September

18:15 hours

Presentation 1

Long Covid: Critical patient management issues in primary care


Medical/non-medical treatment



Presentation 2

Critical Workload Issues in Primary Care which are exacerbated by Long Covid

Growth in workload in general practice

Embedding triage in general practice

Setting priorities

Need for increased on-line consultations

Incorporating future vaccination demands

Session 2

12th October

18:30 hours

Presentation 3

Long Covid and respiratory disease: Red flags and top tips

What is the prevalence/aetiology of respiratory symptoms of Long Covid in patients

What practical steps are needed

Satellite 2

Hot Topics in COPD (This session contains promotion)

This session has been sponsored by Chiesi. This session contains promotional content.

Presentation 4

Long Covid and cardiac disease: Red flags and top tips

How does Covid affect the cardiovascular and circulatory systems?

What is the prevalence of cardiac/circulatory symptoms in patients who are experiencing Long Covid?

Session 3

9th November

18:30 hours

Presentation 5

Long Covid: Helping patients help themselves.

Importance and value of working with Long Covid patients to self-manage

NHS resources e.g. Your Covid Recovery

Other resources from additional professionals e.g. occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians

Satellite 3

What does treatment mean for the patient with VTE: Practical considerations from a primary care perspective

The symposium has been organised and fully funded by Bayer PLC and is intended for UK health care professionals only.

Presentation 6

The healthcare professional: It's also about us!

Managing stress


Beverley Bostock



ANP Mann Cottage; PCN Nurse Co-ordinator at Taurus Health

Bev is an advanced nurse practitioner and independent nurse prescriber working in general practice in Gloucestershire. She specialises in long term conditions. She is also PCN Nurse Co-ordinator at Taurus Health and is the Editor in Chief of Practice Nurse Journal and Primary Care Issues & Answers. She has key roles in respiratory care including as Asthma Lead for the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists and with the Primary Care Respiratory Society Policy Forum. She is also the nurse board member for the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society. Bev has an MSc in Respiratory Care and an MA in Medical Ethics and Law. She has been a Queen’s Nurse since 2015.