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About these expert-led programmes

These programmes have been developed with the experts to support primary care professionals who are coping with patients with Covid symptoms persisting for ≥12 weeks.

A continuing series of presentations offers:

  • An understanding of the causes and consequences of Long Covid
  • Practical guidance on the identification of this expanding, and often problematic, group of patients
  • Guidance on day-to-day management and patient care


Programmes available now

Critical Clinical Issues in primary careCritical clinical issues in primary care
Thousands of patients are entering primary care with a wide spectrum of conditions and symptoms that persist for ≥12 weeks after an acute Covid infection.  Experienced experts discuss critical clinical issues such as; underlying causes, differential diagnosis and the right treatment for different patients.



Long Covid and respiratory disease red flags and top tips
Respiratory problems, particularly shortness of breath linked to fatigue have become emblematic of Long Covid. These symptoms are caused by the exaggerated immune system’s response to the virus and the inflammation it causes. Professor Gisli Jenkins provides red flags and top tips for Long Covid and respiratory disease.



Long Covid and cardiac disease red flags and top tips
There is growing evidence that Covid-19 can cause serious and lasting damage to the cardiovascular system and significantly exacerbate previously diagnosed conditions. These patients require urgent review following the acute phase of Covid and regular monitoring in the following months. Professor Nicholas Peters discusses the red flags and top tips for Long Covid and cardiac disease.



Long Covid – Helping patients help themselves
Thousands of primary care patients are struggling to recover from Covid. Fatigue, breathlessness, joint pain and muscle aches are just some of the symptoms which add to the mental distress experienced for more than a year. Professor Sally Singh discusses the importance and value of working with Long Covid patients to self-manage as well as NHS resources such as ‘Your Covid Recovery’.



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