Jan Procter-King

RGN RM MA Practice Nurse in Bradford and Et al Training tutor

A nurse, who started working in a local hospice as a health care assistant from the age of 17, trained at St James’s in Leeds and is now viewed as a champion for primary care CVD nursing.

Maintaining a clinical role as a practice nurse in Bradford she keeps her feet on the ground, delivering innovative education to large groups of people on behalf od CCGs, localities, alongside continuing the clinical training for CVD

Jan spent two fun packed years as part of the Department of Health’s Vascular Programme as a PC Nurse Advisor , giving her opportunity to see the political picture of health care and appreciate the impact of national policy. In this role she was able to support the initial teetering steps of the now “all grown up” NHS Health Checks programme

Currently leading the training from Et al training who deliver unique informal and interactive education for healthcare professionals, she travels the country teaching in her now well known light hearted and practical manner, where banana and camel costumes have recently become part of the kit!

Being the Founding Editor in Chief for the British Journal of Primary Care Nursing – for cardiovascular disease for the over sixteen years she now basks in its reflective glory and has as much fun as possible.

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