WEBINAR SERIES: Modern medicines series GLP-1 Receptor Agonists: What we need to know

About the series

Over 3 broadcasts, Jane Diggle and her expert colleagues will discuss GLP-1 Receptor Agonists so you can enhance your knowledge and gain confidence in the practicalities of initiating GLP-1 receptor agonists effectively in daily practice. Also with additional resources.

Included in each programme:

  • A one hour webinar including a live Q&A discussion
  • Downloadable slides to print off and keep
  • downloadable factsheet summarising the guidance
  • A multiple choice question CPD learning module with certificate upon completion

Programme 3

GLP-1 RAs: Translating the theory into practice. An interactive case based discussion

Thursday 1st July, 19.00 hours BST

Host Jane Diggle

Su Down - Case study 1: A case-based discussion covering glucose management

Dr Kevin Fernando Case study 2: A case-based discussion covering initiation of GLP-1 RA for CV benefit

Plus a 30 minute live Q&A session to enable you to pose your questions to the experts.

Your programme presenters

Jane Diggle

Jane Diggle

Practice Nurse with Specialist Interest in Diabetes, Ackworth, West Yorkshire

Michael Cummings

Professor Michael Cummings

Consultant and Honorary Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Portsmouth
University Hospital NHS Trust (Queen Alexandra Hospital)

Nicola Milne

Nicola Milne

Queen’s Nurse, Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Kevin Fernando

Dr Kevin Fernando

GP Partner North Berwick HC, Scottish Lead Primary Care Diabetes Society, Education Director GPnotebook Education

Su Down

Su Down

Nurse Consultant Diabetes, Somerset Foundation Trust


If you cannot attend any of the live broadcasts, the webinars will be available on-demand 24 hours after the event.

Programme 1

Understanding the Incretin effect and GLP1 Receptor Agonist Therapy

Wednesday 2nd June, 19.00 hours BST

Host Jane Diggle

Professor Michael Cummings – ‘Understanding the Incretin effect and GLP1 Receptor Agonist Therapy’

  • In which conditions do GLP-1 RAs play an important role?
  • What are the benefits of GLP-1 RAs on:
    • Glycaemia
    • Weight
    • CV benefit & outcome trials
    • When is it appropriate to consider GLP-1 RAs and what are the options?
    • Guidelines

Programme 2

GLP-1 RAs: Practicalities of starting GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Therapy

Wednesday 16th June, 19.00 hours BST

Jane Diggle - ‘The concept of clinical inertia’

  • Why is there often a delay in initiating GLP-1 RAs? Clinical inertia, SUNBEAM study
  • How do we overcome the barriers and ensure timely introduction?

Nicola Milne - ‘The practicalities of initiating GLP-1 RA therapy’

  • The practicalities of starting GLP-1 RA therapy (can it be done remotely)?
  • What the person with diabetes needs to know
  • Ongoing support and monitoring, including remote management
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